Paiste 2002 Cymbal Set - 14/20/22 inch- with Free 18 inch Crash

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Paiste 2002 Cymbal Pack Features:

  • The definitive cymbal set for classic rock, hard rock, progressive music, and metal
  • Proudly played by Sweetwater drummers
  • A part of rock history since 1971
  • Harnesses the natural brightness and power of CuSn8 bronze
  • Penetrating tone cuts through the densest stage mixes
  • Bright attack connects listeners to every accent
  • Includes all you need to take the stage in confidence
  • 18" and 20" crashes have a focused attack and massive wash
  • 22" ride cymbal projects all the way to the back row
  • 14" Sound Edge hi-hats have a defined attack, a rude wash, and waved architecture to prevent airlock