Dear Parents and Students,

We want to thank you for your ongoing support of our music community through these current months. It is a great privilege to see our music academy continuing to provide lessons and music virtual education. We believe that these activities are vital to our culture and community, especially during this time when children and adults alike are experiencing detachment and a need for connection with their community. We have made it through a rough year and are coming in strong to the second semester of 2021. This is, no doubt, due to the support of our students and parents, and the enthusiasm and dedication of our teachers.

We want to address our clients questions regarding the current situation in our county and assure you we are trying our hardest to follow all mandates and regulations at this time, while still providing a hybrid model for flexible online and in-person lessons. It has always been my priority to protect our staff and students as well as be consistent with what we are offering to our community.

Here are a couple updates, clarifications, and details about what you can expect from us as a business and music academy.

--We are continuing to enforce all social distancing and mask regulations.

--We are kindly asking people to not gather in public spaces and to wait outside the direct room of your teacher. All waiting rooms are closed to the public unless you are waiting for a lesson.

--We are continuing to offer digital events and understand that it may be awhile before we host in-person events again for our students and teachers. We are striving to provide quality online events to engage students and show off the awesome talent within our school!

--In the event of a possible COVID-19 exposure, we will quarantine the appropriate building and switch to virtual lessons for two weeks to avoid exposure to the virus from a teacher or student. We appreciate your flexibility if this were to happen.

We look forward to start a new semester on August 2021. Once we are able, we are hoping to provide music performances and host events. However, we will only do so when it is deemed safe by our county.

We appreciate your support during the past years

Best wishes and keep practicing!


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