Fender Magic Fretboard Oil

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Formulated from natural plant oils, the Fender Magic Fretboard Oil effectively removes dirt and grime while leaving your instrument’s fretboard good as new. It thoroughly soaks through the wood without living excess moisture so your instrument can remain in pristine playing condition. This fretboard oil is free of any lemon oil extracts, which can be known to dry out the fretboard and potentially break down adhesive material keeping the frets and fretboard binding in place, resulting in more frequent maintenance required. NOTE: Recommended for use on all unfinished fretboards including: Rosewood, Ebony and Pau Ferro.


  • Four-ounce bottle with dabber applicator for efficient application
  • Does not contain any lemon oil, silicones, resins, polymers, bonding agents, alcohol or water
  • Cleaner and conditioner for unfinished fretboards